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{D.I.Y Tutorial} Stitched Felt Flowers- Part 2

October 6, 2011 | Comment ( 18 Comments )
| This page as PDF

As promised here’s the second part to my Stitched Felt Flower tutorial. Click on the links to download a PDF version of instructions and flower shape template.




Click to download PDF instructions for your  Red Brolly Stitched felt flower tutorial

Click to download Red Brolly Flower template.

The possibilities for these are endless and very addicitive!

You could make bouquets, floral displays, embellish your bags and purses, hat pins, headbands, brooches.

Here’s a few ideas, use the template as a guide, but you can enlarge, shrink or make your own designs.

Red-brolly-felt-flower-9Red-brolly-felt-flower7  Red-brolly-felt-flower-3Red-brolly-felt-flower-8


If you make some of these gorgeous flowers, I would love to see them! You can post them to my facebook page. Here’s an example of what a lovely stitcher created at my last stitching retreat in Berry. A gorgeous embellishment for my “Baby Love to Shop” purse.


Have a great weekend! And don’t forget, if you get a chance to make some of these felt flowers, please share with us- I’d love to see them!





October 6, 2011 | Comment ( 18 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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      • Says della

        original et plein de charme, pour agrémenter sacs et autres créations, un grand merci a vous de la France profonde

      • Says Dorothee-Maria

        Ooh, these flowers are too gorgeous to stand.
        Thank you so much for sharing these incredibly inspiring photos, and your generously offered free tutorial.
        I just can’t wait to try it.
        …although I seem to fear it, a little… Because usually I try to make something a least as beautiful as the original, or even more beautiful…. But this time I just won’t be able to do this!
        Your flowers just are great little pieces of art, and just can’t be made more beautiful!!

      • Says Kristy Wilkinson

        Oh these are so beautiful. Your color combinations and embroidery are so gorgeous. Is the white,pink , white with the three buttons done with a chain stitch on the white? or just 3 sets of running stitches? I love the extra details on the petals. These really are wonderful. Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial and inspiring pictures.

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