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{Tutorial} Ready, Set, Sew :: How to stitch a colonial knot.

July 14, 2012 | Comment ( 14 Comments )
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What a busy week I've had! Remember in my last post…sooooo long ago, I gave you a butterfly stitchery? In the stitchery there are lots of lovely little colonial knots for the wisteria flowers and I thought that I would put together, the first of what I hope to be many more, a tutorial on how to stitch them. They really are very simple. I opened up my facebook page to call on help from my more experienced stitchers for their tips and advice and I've put it all together in this little tutorial. If I missed you, please feel free to add your tips in the comment section.

I'll start my tutorials off with a few simple stitches and then get into the advanced stuff. If there's a particular stitch you'd like a tutorial on, just let me know. I've EVEN, had to call on Brutus to give me a hand (I needed extra hands to I could take the photos). Begrudgingly, with a lot of bribery (think sardine sandwiches and chocolate coated mice), he agreed to help. For those new to my blog, Brutus is my very temperamental cat!

Hope you enjoy my little tut…







Finished-colonial-knotHere's some of the wonderful tips that my more experienced stitching friends were willing to pass on about colonial knots…

From Jenny of Cakes, Crafts and Quilts  said," After you wrap the thread around the needle, hold it secure in your left hand as you insert the needle and keep the " pressure" on the thread as you pull the needle though the back. This will ensure that the knot is flat against the fabric and you don't a loop in your colonial knot."

The next tip is a fantastic and very useful one from my friend, Jan, of Jan Knight designs. Jan says,  "it is useful to use a #1 Milliners needle to work them as well. Like a bullion stitch the needle that is the same thickness ALL the way through gives you a better knot," and Suzanne and Dawn both agreed.

Dawn also gives this helpful advice…"I was always taught to remember a backward figure 8 when making the colonial knot."


But everyone did agree that it was important to keep the thread tight to ensure that you get a lovely neat colonial knot.

Thanks again everyone! Hope we've been of some help in teaching you the in's and out's of colonial knots.




July 14, 2012 | Comment ( 14 Comments )
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