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Tutorial:: how to make a sucky puff quilt

May 18, 2011 | Comment ( 36 Comments )
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::How to make a "Sucky Puff" Quilt


Finished Size approx 42 1/2" x 54"  or 28 rows of 21 Sucky Puffs.

These are not to be confused with Suffolk Puffs. The Sucky Puff (so named by S.J.V.H and friends who stitched the quilt), or yo-yo quilt is very easy to make. Once you have alot of Suckies, you can turn them into quilts, table runners, cushions or hang over a window or make a wall display.


Step 1: Use the template shape provided to make yourself a template from template plastic or cardboard. The seams are added in the template.

note: the template when downloaded should measure 4" in diametre. Though really you could use any size you like.

Mouse-2 Step 2: Along the edge of each circle, turn over a 1/4" hem allowance to the wrong side of the fabric. Sew around the edge of the circle with a running stitch


TIP: The stitches don't need to be neat and tidy. The bigger stitches work better!

Step 3: When you have sewn all around the cirlce, pull the thread to gather the Sucky Puff and finish with a secure knot.


                 Stitching the Sucky Puff

The front of the Sucky Puff is the side with the gathered edge. You can sew a small Pom Pom in the centre of each Sucky Puff to finish.

When you have enough suckies…It's time to Assemble!





Once you have enough rows, you can start sewing the rows together. On the edge of the finished quilt sew large Pom Poms at intervals of about 6 Sucky Puffs.





Make sure you show me your finished Sucky Puff quilts!



May 18, 2011 | Comment ( 36 Comments )
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      • Says Jenny

        I am in the end stages of a hexagon quilt which I started purely to get rid of my scraps. Well, my scrap boxes are still overflowing so it looks like a sucky puff quilt may be in order. This time though I must vow to myself that ‘I will not buy the odd fat quarter cos it would look so nice in my quilt’! Perhaps that has something to do with the reason why my scrap boxes are still full!!! With regard to to sucky puff quilt, where does one find pom poms in pretty colours?

      • Says Margaret Lee

        Try looking in Spotlight they sell them by the bag full also the Reject shops might have them also

      • Says Bronwyn

        The pom poms I use, I think are from Moda (???). They come in a long strand and I just snip them off as needed.

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