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The Wish Quilt- Block Six- Part Two.

October 4, 2012 | Comment ( 7 Comments )
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I'm writing this with needle in hand while madly trying to stitch some new designs at the same time.
  I just constantly run out of time.

Which is why I'll have to postpone the Peter Rabbit post until a later date.


  Anyway- on with the Wish Quilt- charge up your needles for the last part of Block six.


    Here's Block Six- Part Two:

Two Evening star Blocks- which are really easy to put together, then sewn to the top of the Brutus the Cat stitchery that you made last time.


P copy.26Wish Quilt- Block 6

   Download the Wish Quilt P.26 as a Pdf:

Download P copy.26Wish Quilt- Block 6



Borders and frames2


And page 27-

With a rather cute Santa Bunny and Birds in the Nest stitcheries.


P.27Wish Quilt- Block 6 copy

And as a pdf file:

Download P.27Wish Quilt- Block 6 copy


Christmas House copy

   Happy stitching-

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October 4, 2012 | Comment ( 7 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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      • Says Kathy

        Well, I’m coming way late to this party! But, I’ll try to make time to catch up anyway…or just go out on my own. It’s a lovely Christmas quilt. Looking around your blog is fun…and I’m your newest subscriber. Glad to finally be on board! Now, off to see if I can find a US Distributor for your patterns.

      • Says Barb

        Thanks Bronwyn,looking forward to finally starting on this quilt after I finish my studies in November…..bring on Decenber I say! :) Barb.

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