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Le Jardin Quilt- Primrose Sampler-Block 4.

July 26, 2013 | Comment ( 5 Comments )
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Well this is a somewhat sad post- as this is The Final Sampler Stitchery for Le Jardin Quilt in our very own Girls Own Stitching Club.

But good news because…

Next month- we start on some different French Cottage Garden designs for our Girls Own Quilt.

  Seeing as this is such a big occasion- I thought you might like a Sneek Peek at the finished Le Jardin Quilt- just to inspire you…

You can see part of the Primrose Sampler at the bottom of the Sneek Peek.

  The quilt came back from the quilter’s last week (a big thank-you to David of Heartfelt Quilting), so I quickly bound the edges and took some photos to show you.

      This month we’re stitching the Primrose Sampler- and really practising our Blanket Stitch Pinwheels and Fly Stitch!

  There’s a gold star for everyone who finished last month’s English Daisy Sampler.

  Two gold stars for anyone that finished the English Daisy Sampler AND practised Chain Stitch!

                       Here it is-The Primrose Sampler.

Primrose- P.1 Line
Download Primrose- P.1 Line

The circles in the Primrose Sampler are this months Featured Stitch- Blanketstitch Pinwheels.  You all know how to blanket stitch- this is just an exciting variation.

  Blanketstitch Pinwheels are really fun to do!

Once you know how- there’ll be Pinwheels everywhere.jpgnwheel bra’s, hubby’s undies, the kid’s T-shirts and why not Pinwheel stitched Loo paper!

  Needles ready – here’s the Embroidery Instructions. Remember- download where it says to “Download Primrose Stitching Instructions“.

Download 2.Primrose stitching Instructions 2

And here’s how to put the finished Primrose Sampler into a block.

Download 3.Primrose Block Layout

  Now here’s the fun part- You didn’t think Embroidery could be so much fun, did you?

Bird in cage

1Blanket stitch pinwheel

1. Lightly draw a circle on your background fabric and mark the centre.

Bring the thread to the front at A. Then take the needle from B to C just to the right of A.

2.Blanket stitch Pinwheel

2.  Place the thread under the needle tip.

Begin to pull the thread through, pulling away from the circle.

Make sure the thread sits on the surface of the fabric only- don’t pull the thread too tightly as it puckers the background fabric.

3.Blanketstitch Pinwheel

3. Keeping the needle to the right of the previous stitch and using the same hole each time in the centre of the drawn circle- keep working the stitch around the circle, gradually turning the fabric as you work.

4.Blanket stitch Pinwheel

4. Continue working around the circle with the stitches.

Remember to keep the thread under the needle.

5.Blanket stitch Pinwheel

5. To finish- take the needle to the back of the fabric into the first stitch.

6.Blanketstitch Pinwheel

6. Pull the thread through to the back of the fabric.

  Bring the needle through to the front of the fabric again,  through the centre of the Blanketstitch Pinwheel and finish with either a French or Colonial knot.

7.Blanketstitch Pinwheel

7. Practise those Pinwheels. They don ‘t have to be perfectly round- practise drawing odd shapes- some large and some smaller and stitch those- very addictive!  And LOADS of fun.

Bird in cage2
  The leaves of the Primrose are done with Fly Stitch with a backstitch edge around them.

1.Fly stitch
1. Bring the thread to the front of the fabric at A.

2. Take the needle to the back of ther fabric at B- re-emerging at C. Loop the thread under the tip of the needle and to the right.

With your thumb- hold the loop in place while you gently pull the needle through until the looped thread lies against C.

  Don’t pull the thread too tightly.

Finished Fly

3. Take the thread to the back of the fabric just below C. (This can be any length you wish).

  Secure the stitch at the back of the fabric, or….

3.Fly stitch row

…. Make more- in a row!

                                   Lots of Fun.

Breathe in the .. copy


                  I still have some Le Jardin Fabric Packs

          and Thread Packs left   in the Red Brolly Shop.

Fabric Ad

    Happy Stitching-

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July 26, 2013 | Comment ( 5 Comments )
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      • Says Margaret W

        I’ve been really looking forward to this new release!! I’ve got the other three stitched pieces safely stored and can’t wait to get on with this one. The sneak preview looks very exciting!!!

      • Says Dea

        Thank you for another cute and gorgeous stitchery. I’m just afraid I’m hopelessly behind (sigh).
        I want to mention I love the flowers around the sneek-peek, wouldn’t that make a lovely border for a small quilt? :-)
        Dutch hug

      • Says Christine B.

        I was away on holiday when this blog post was written but I am really excited to come home to find it. The first thing I did was print off all the instructions and I can’t wait to get started on the embroidery! Thank you Bronwyn!

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