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The Girls Own Stitching Club and Homespun Magazine Winners.

May 8, 2013 | Comment ( 4 Comments )
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              For the Girls Own Stitching Club prize:

                          the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches:


                  I absolutely loved everyone’s entries!

  It’s been a most enjoyable read going through all those entries- it’s given the judges a really good laugh.  

  For some of those entries- I’m dying to know what happened next!

                    It’s a bit like reading a good novel.  

                       Here are the Judges picks:

   SJVH- has chosen Paula McElrath,(macandpeeg@yahoo.com)

   because she would’ve loved to have had an invite to a Royal Wedding herself- (and has a special collection of hats- just in case an invitation arrives unexpectedly in the mail) and really enjoyed the idea of the Queen in all her finery looking for her purse with the sewing. And Beatrice with an awful fascinator!

The Wise Woman of Stitching- has chosen Dawn, with her messy room and tea and cake.  The Wise Woman is rather partial to a spot of tea and cake herself- so she really identified with Dawn.

Apple pie and Cream

   Sanchia, Computer Chic Extroardinaire- has chosen Denise (denisepanter@gmail.com) because she absolutely loved the idea of Quilt Man and Bobbin Boy! At the Paducah Quilt Festival.

Please have a look at Denis’s Blog for some gorgeous photos of her with Quilt Man and Bobbin Boy (Yes- they really exist!).

   Denise’s Blog.

Brutus- has chosen (of course) Maggie (mekziehl@hotmail.com)- because, as we all know- Brutus is always trying to impress the ladies.

-He’s telling me he Never! has to impress the ladies- they all try to impress him!

        The Winner of the Embroidered Flowers Book is:


Laura S-who wrote about the The Girls Own Stitching Club taking a field trip to the Festival of Flowers- which I thought was extremely entertaining!


    And now for the Winners of the Homespun Magazines.


What’s in the Sisters Bag?

  I had a really tough time choosing the winners- all your entries were so entertaining!

  But I’ve finally chosen:

Deb (billdebwalters@xtra.co.nz) – because I loved the idea of the Titanic and the seasick tablets.  Good thinking!

Tori Beveridge (tori.bosques@gmail.com- for her watercolour pencils and sketchpad. Lovely mental images, Tori.

Nicky (p.keevers@bigpond.com)- who said everything for the last picnic of the season was in the bag-wine, cheese,fresh bread and butter.


Lesley Walker (technoturt@yahoo.com)- You’ve just gotta love anyone who has Johnny Depp in her bag!

and lastly. . . 

Lyn Bourgeois (bourgeoislynn19462@gmail.com)- for being really prepared for any womanly situation by having a flashlight, fingernail clippers and tweezers in her Sisters Bag!


              Thank you all for being a part of the fun!

        There’ll be more competitions coming up shortly.


  Could all the winners e-mail me at:


  and include your postal address in the e-mail so I can post out your prize.

  The Girls Own Stitching Club and the Homespun Magazine                                         Competitions are now closed.

    Kisses to all-

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May 8, 2013 | Comment ( 4 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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