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October 11, 2011 | Comment ( 56 Comments )
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  HERE IT IS!  The first of three free Christmas samplers just in time for you to stitch for Christmas. Use them framed or put them in a quilt of your own design- whatever.  There will be two more to come in the lead up to Christmas. As always- if you've tried to download and are having problems- just e-mail me at:


The first Sampler has the instructions for a colour chart- but you can always stitch it in red only, and DMC 304 is a good red to use or a variegated red would work wonders.

  Also, I've given the instructions for making "patches" for this sampler- but you can also just trace the design onto one piece of background fabric and stitch it.


Click to download your free PDF Red Brolly Christmas Sampler 1 instructions.

Click to download your free PDF Red Brolly First Christmas Sampler pattern..

The two buttons are optional. The Angel goes on top of the "t" in "Christmas" and the teddy goes next to the word "Family".

  Both buttons can be bought from www.gigglebuttons.com.au

You may have seen this Sampler before- it's one I designed in 2002.

Happy stitching!


October 11, 2011 | Comment ( 56 Comments )
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