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Sew Chic Butterfly Mugbag.

September 10, 2012 | Comment ( 116 Comments )
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It was on the way back from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Tea Party, that I had this brilliant idea for transporting my Extra Special Mug.

  I'm always trying to find safe ways to carry my Extra Special -I'm -the Only -Person -Allowed -to-Touch -It Mug, when I go away.

  I thought- "What I need is something padded- and with a pocket for carrying the tea" (and sugar). 

"Small and easily portable". (My mug is VERY special).

 I envisaged something that could open out- so you could use the end as a mug rug, if you wished- and then closed up again into something small……..


  As I said- we were on our way back home from SJVH's Queen's Jubilee Party- when I was thinking of these things. We had just arrived in Berrima- Heart of the Southern Highlands- on our Great Tea Hunt.

  Robert and I are always on the look out for different and unusual teas to try.


  And there's a really wonderful little Tea Shop in Berrima.

     Berrima is a really old world village, with lots of little knicky- knacky shops and old houses all mixed in together.


   I love this old hut with it's wonderful weatherbeaten look- probably been here since the Bushrangers came to the local pub for a drink.

Right in the main street.

Next door to the hut- there was an old couple working in the garden- I had to be careful with the camera- I think they thought I was taking photos of them.

 I surreptitiously took this photo of their gorgeous full- of- character home after I heard a voice from inside the house call out-"Come 'n 'ave yer cuppa tea, Jack". And "Jack", who'd been busily digging with his shovel in the garden, disappeared through that doorway into the house!

Main street

  This is Robert.

He's saying "I'll just pop in here and get the paper- it's got the Special Sport section today".



  A lovely spot for lunch- with white lace encrusted tablecloths and vintage tea sets.


  There's lots of little eating places. It was such a warm day – really lovely for sitting in the sun with some tea and scones.

There's lots of lovely old-fashioned windows for peering through, to see what sort of treasure troves lie behind.

Old fashioned lamp posts line the edges of the footpath.

Side street

  And lots of little side alleys to explore.

  But here it is- we've finally arrived at the one shop we really want to look in.

       Mrs. Oldbucks!

Mother said she used to know Mrs.Oldbucks in her younger days- when they all lived in Wollongong.


Mrs Oldbucks

  Well- don't just stand there-let's all go in- looks like it could be a little crowded!


It's definitely a little hard to move around- a busload of tourists has just arrived.

People in the tea shop at Berrima

  It's a bit dark inside- but when your eyes get accustomed to the dim light- there appears on all the walls shelves and shelves of jams, chutneys, sauces and of course- TEA!





Some Jolly Nice Jam!

  And look at this- I've been wanting a new one of these.


  Robert's saying- "What sort of tea do you feel like?"

  I look amongst all the teas that are there- black teas, green teas, teas with rosebuds and chamomile- chai, spicy, full bodied and sweet. And I immediately have this mental image of that saying…. "A woman is like a teabag".  And I began thinking- "Hmmm- I wonder what sort of tea I am?"

Tea Girls

  I still think I'm like my favourite tea- Punjabi Chai-"Sweet (definitely!) and spicy with fruity overtones"! (Not quite sure about that bit!)

      Robert's favourite- Indian Nilgris- "Fragrant and slightly earthy"! LOL.

                 What type of tea best describes who you are?

Sew Chic Butterfly Mug Bag.

       To Make this gorgeous Chic Butterfly Mug Bag follow the instructions that are downloadable as a PDF file here:

Download 1.Mug Bag

Download 2.Butterfly Mug Bag- Outer Casing

Download 3.Mug Bag

Download P.4 Butterfly Mug Bag- Making the Handle copy

Download 5. Butterfly Mug Bag Template Page

  A really exciting week lined up for you this week:

  A fabulous tutorial on applique and a small project to go with it.

   You've all been asking – How to do a nice Lazy Daisy stitch- well here it is- the Ultimate Tutorial on Lazy Daisying!

   And of course More of the Wish Quilt!

  If you haven't done so already- the latest Homespun Magazine is out- so run out and grab a copy before they all disappear-because it's full of lots of gorgeous projects!

  And- my two little purses- which make great Christmas presents….

Red Brolly stitched Friends purse

Stitched Friends purse

Red Brolly Friends purse

Friends- applique purse.

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September 10, 2012 | Comment ( 116 Comments )
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