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Pink Cabbages and Baskets!

May 21, 2012 | Comment ( 2 Comments )
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                                      Good question!

Remember the Pink Cabbages in a Basket design I was painting for Mother for Mothers Day? And didn't quite get it finished in time?



Well I finally finished it! This is the design SJVH was talking about.

BUT – now I have it finished it – the question is- "What Do I Do with It?"

                         Mothers Day has been and gone.

  I thought maybe you might like to use the design yourselves.

 So I've laid it out in a couple of different ways.And- thanks to Cat Nix mentioning this- I've laid it out in the U.S A4 format- so it can be downloaded in the U.S.as well.

  The first design is for a party invitation- seeing as the Big Morning Tea is coming up. This is the version that doesn't use much ink.

Works best on good quality paper with the printer settings on "photo"- or for best printing.


  Go to the Layout page to download this design- Download Invitation

 This is the second layout- and takes a bit more ink to print.



Go to the Layout page for this design Download Flowerbasket invites 2

Then I thought maybe you'd like some pretty notepaper to write to all your friends……


Download the notepaper design-   Download Flowerbasket Notepaper2

  These are large files and may take a bit of time to download.

  So remember….


                               As always- any problems downloading- please email me at:





May 21, 2012 | Comment ( 2 Comments )
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      • Says Jan Knight

        It’s beautiful Bronwyn, as always! Would look lovely enlarged and done-up in hand applique too! :) Thanks for your generosity!
        Jan x

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