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Make:: Quick and simple fabric flowers

April 10, 2013 | Comment ( 15 Comments )
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These fabric flowers are sew easy to make….and quick too! And the best part is…they can be made using a fat quarter. I know you have lots of those lying around the house ;-)

Step-by-step-fabric-flower-tutorial-by-red-brollyI made mine using fabric from Tilda, which of course, you can buy from the Red Brolly shop.

The best part of these flowers is that they are so adaptable. You can make them bigger or smaller…just by changing the lengths of the strips of fabric used. You can make the flowers tighter or looser, just adjust the gathers- tighter gathering =tighter flowers. You can also change the look of the flowers by changing the way you snip the scallopes.

There's so many uses for them. Have I got you interested? I intended to add soem embroidery to them, but, with the AQC next week, I ran out of time. I would love to see some finished with a touch of embroidery stitches added to the petals.


Ok, here's the step by step instructions.

Strips of fabric 22 inches long (61cm) x 2 inches wide (5cm)- you need 2 strips per flower

small pom poms


needle and thread


fabric glue (optional- you can use your needle and thread if you prefer)

florist wire (if you are making a bouquet)


Step 1: Cut your strips of fabric. These are great as they can be made using a fat quarter. You will need 2 strips of fabric for each fabric flower.

Step 2: Take your 2 strips and place them on top of each other. Remember one piece will be the "underside" of the petals and the other will be the "display" petals on top.

Step 3: Fold the 2 strips in half, and then in half again.

Step 4: Cut scallopes along one side of the folded fabric. How big you want the petals will determine the size of the scallopes. My scallopes were 2 inches (5cm) in length. Try to make them the same size along.


Unfold your strip, and at one end you will need to taper the scallopes (ie cut one or two scallopes slightly smaller than the others)- See photo 4a.

You can experiement with different shaped scallopes and different sized scallopes. See in the photo  below (photo 4b), all the different shaped scallopes I've cut? Each will give your flower a different look.

Step 5: Sew your 2 strips of fabric along the scalloped side (you can skip this step if you would like your flower to have a more rustic look). Or you can try different stitches…I did one with zig-zag stitch.

Then sew a gather stitch along the bottom of your flower (the straight side) and then gather. You can either use a gathering foot, if you're lucky enough to own one, or on your machine you can just set your straight stitch to the largest setting, and then when finished carefully pull one thread to gather your flower. Play around with the gathers until you get a look that you are happy with…looser the gather…looser the flower will be.

Step 7-10: Have your needle and thread ready. Take your strip of fabric and starting with the tapered end (this is the centre of your flower) start by wrapping your fabric around in a circular motion. Sew a quick few stitches on the back to hold in place and then wrap your strip around a little bit more. Sew a few more stitches. Keep repeating until your fabric strip is completely wrapped around. Sew a few more stitches at the end to secure in place.

Step 11: Cut a circular piece of felt to fit over the back of your flower and either stitch or glue into place. This will give your flower a neat look.

Step-11-making-fabric-flowersStep 12: Take your small pom pom and sew (or glue) it into the centre of your flower.

You can now either attach some florist wire, by making a hook at one end
and stitching it onto the back. You could also attach a brooch back,
sew your flower onto a purse or a handbag, attach it to a headband or
even a hat. Or as I did….make them into pretty napkin rings.



April 10, 2013 | Comment ( 15 Comments )
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      • Says LJ

        Your flowers are marvelous; thank you for the tut. I was sent here by Bente at iliketoquiltblog.blogspot.com/. She also had me/us check out the Butterfly Mugbag which is another wonderful tut. I am now following you via Google Reader and Pinterest. Can’t wait to see all your posts – I’m already excited just looking around your blog!

      • Says Patsy Booher

        Such a beautiful post! Such nice flowers for Spring.
        Our hummingbird feeder is up, awaiting the return of those little lovelies… Our racoons have awoken from their winter slumber and arrive on our doorstep at dusk looking for some free food. All is well.

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