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Make | Fresh and pretty no sew fabric flowers

February 18, 2014 | Comment ( No Comments )
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Aren’t these sweetest flowers? Great for if you have a corner that needs a bit of a pick-me-up, a sewing room that needs a spruce, perhaps you have a nursery that needs a bit of colour or they would even be great to use on a present as gift wrapping. PLUS….the best thing is they will never wilt, they don’t need any water, are very easy to take care of and they will never give you hayfever! These sweet fabric flowers are modern, cute and vibrant and very easy to make.

pretty-fabric-flowers-by-red-brollyThese were made using the vibrant fabric range from Melly and Me, but you could make them to suit any decor you like.

Here’s a list of the materials you will need:-

-pretty fabric

-interfacing- extra thick

-semi circle polystyrene balls

-florist wire

-hot glue gun




-your free Red Brolly template- Click here to download your PDF flower template.

Otherwise click on the template below, then “right click” and save or print

red brolly no sew fabric flower templatesupplies-for-fabric-flowersGather your supplies together. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make pretty fabric flowers.


1. Print and cut out your flower templates

2. Iron interfacing onto wrong side of fabric. Remember shiny side faces down.

3. Trace petal pattern onto interfacing. Don’t forget to mark the lines in.

4. You will need to 5 petal pieces. Cut around each piece. Repeat with centerpieces.


You should have 5 petal pieces and 1 centrepiece.

5. Take a petal piece and bring together the 2 marks so they are matching. Fold and make a crease.

making-fabric-flowers-step-5-red-brolly6. Turn petal piece over to wrong side of fabric. Take you hot glue gun and place a dab of hot glue in the crease of the petal and press together.

7. Flip petal piece over to right side. Place another dab of hot glue on right side of petal near the fold and press fabric down.

steps-6-7-red-brolly8. Repeat with remaining 4 petal pieces.


1. Take one petal piece, with right side of petal facing up, place a spot of hot glue on the right hand corner of the petal. Press second petal on top.

2. Repeat. Place another spot of glue on the right hand corner of the second petal and place the third petal on top.

3. Repeat until all 5 petal pieces are glued inot place and you have made a “circle” shape with your petals. Place to one side.

4. Take centrepiece and on the wrong side of the piece, place a dab of glue. 5. Turn piece over and glue in centre of petal pieces. Place to one side.

fabric-flowers-tutorial-by-red-brolly6. Cut a piece of florist wire about 10 cm in length. Stick into centre of polystrene ball, on the flat side. Place a tiny bit of glue at the base just to secure- not too much as it could melt the polystyrene.

7. Cut a circle of fabric large enough to fold over and under the polystyrene.

8. Fold fabric over the ball and glue underneath.

9. Cut a small hole in the centre of your petal pieces.

10. Push the fabric covered polystyrene through the hole and secure with a bit of hot glue.

fabric-flowers-by-red-brolly11. Finished! You can leave it here, or you can attach them to sticks for a pretty vase arrangement.

finished-fabric-flowerHow to attach to sticks

fabric-flower-stick-red-brolly1. Place a strip of glue along the wire.

2. Place wire along the length of the stick and leave to dry.

3. Cut 15 cm of raffia and unravel. Carefully place more glue along stick, near base of flower.

4. Wrap raffia around stick and wire. Secure end of raffia with another dab of glue.

Finished! Make as many as you like. Attach several flowers to a stick- let your imagination go crazy!


February 18, 2014 | Comment ( No Comments )
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