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Make | Free Embroidered Flower Pincushion pattern

July 24, 2013 | Comment ( 5 Comments )
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I’m going back into the vaults, back to March 2012, to drag out these super cute pincushion projects. Do you remember these? The embroidered flower pincushion project was one of my favourites to design.


I just love all the embroidery on the top and I adore the pom-pom trim…so cute! But my favourite bit of this adorable pincushion is the buterfly embellishment on the top. It reminds me so much of Spring.

My free Flower Pincushion project went viral went I released it. I’ve seen it everywhere (and all the rip-off’s!!), but it really is a great chance to practice all of your stitches over the weekend. You should have it stitched in a couple of hours. If you would like to make this pincushion over the weekend, here’s the link to the original post where you can download your free pattern.

And remember this little fella?


So bunny cute!! I know it’s not Easter and we are all starting to think Christmas projects…well, I am anyway. But he’s just so sweet that I couldn’t leave him out of my walk down memory lane.

This time I stitched ric-rac around the seams for a different look to the pom-poms. I really like the look of it…something a bit different.


Awww…..just look at him!

I wonder what he’s thinking? Perhaps he’s thinking…”This Easter Egg is just for me.” Or maybe, “Mine, mine, mine!” or even, “make me make me make me!” Lol.

If you would like to make this cute little Bunny Pincushion here’s the link to the original post.

What do you think he’s thinking?





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July 24, 2013 | Comment ( 5 Comments )
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