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Make | Free Christmas Gift bag pattern

January 12, 2014 | Comment ( 2 Comments )
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Remember this cookie bag pattern I gave you awhile ago? Well, I’ve jooshed it up a little and made it look a little more Christmassy. You can make it in under 30 mins and is a great little project for you to sew to put all of you home baked treats in. It’s a perfect size for some yummy cranberry shortbread, Christmas Florentinesfudgy rocky road, fruit mince puffs, or perhaps some lovely handmade soaps or assemble together “A baker’s delight bag-” include some cookie cutters, a mini recipe book, a mini rolling pin, perhaps some vanilla bean pods, a piping bag and nozzle.

If the size isn’t right for what you need it’s very easy to just change it around to make it smaller or larger.




Here’s what you’ll need to make 1 bag:-

  • 1 x fabric 13″ long by 4″ wide for the base
  • 1 x netting 13″ long by 9″ wide for the top half of bag
  • 1 x matching fabric 8 ” long by 4″ wide for fabric strips on base of bag
  • 2 x ribbon 9″ long
  • 1 x wide ric rac 13″ long, strand of pom-poms
  • Iron on adhesive- I used Heat ‘n’ Bond



Seam allowance 1/4″


Step 1: Iron adhesive paper onto back of fabric for strips- paper side up. Cut strips. Peel off paper backing.

Step 2: Position strips evenly along base piece of fabric.

Step 3: Iron strips into place with a hot iron.

Step 4: Pin pom pom strand into place along the top of the base piece.


Step 5: Sew into place with a quick straight stitch.

Step 6: Place netting along the top of base piece- right sides facing (not that netting has a right side)- and pin.

Step 7: Sew with straight stitch. Fold fabric pieces open. Press seams. You should now have one piece.

Step 8: Along the right side of the fabric, measure 3″ down from the top and pin the ribbon. Fold piece in half lengthways- right sides facing. Pin. Make sure ribbon is on the inside. Straight stitch along base and up side.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

You can either finish here or you can add in a gusset. Gusset’s are very easy and will make your bag sit by itself and have a flat bottom (Something we all want!)



Here is a brief tutorial on how to sew a gusset, or you can go to an earlier tutorial.



Easy! Fill with all of your lovely goodies.




January 12, 2014 | Comment ( 2 Comments )
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