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Life’s a Picnic..would you like to come?

February 11, 2013 | Comment ( 10 Comments )
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I had a lovely summer holiday. I had lots of time to spend with family and friends and catch up with everyone. It was a hot summer here in Australia and there's still some glimpses of summer days remaining, but you can feel the weather starting to slightly turn into autumn. One of the things I've decided to do on the blog this year is to do craft and stitching projects around particular themes. I thought it might be something fun!

So to start the year off and remind us of the summer almost gone, will be the theme…."Life's a picnic!" Don't you just love going on a picnic? Time to just watch and chat, eat, enjoy the company and just "be." Anyway, I've got lots of lovely sewing projects, delicious recipes, craft ideas, paper craft projects and lots of inspiration for your next picnic. Would you like to come on a picnic with me?

berry picking by Red Brolly
Over the break I had the opportunity to spend some time with the family and one of the fun things we got to do together was go berry picking. It's been ages since I went and picked my own berries. You don't see the "Pick your own Berry" farms around as much any more.

So I grabbed the grandkidlets and off we went. We had a really enjoyable morning at Montrose Berry Farm, a gorgeous heritage listed sandstone house set in beautiful gardens and surrounded by the working berry farm.

Montrose-berry-farmOn what was a rather warm day, we grabbed our hats and our containers and we first headed towards the blackberry patch.


Lots of yummy blackberries, and the girls were very good…they hardly ate any, though some taste testing was required!

Unfortunately we had just missed the loganberry season and they had a bad season with the blueberries, but we had a great morning none the less.


With our containers full we headed back to get our berries weighed. Whilst we were there, we discovered a cute little kitchen selling jams, vinegars, sauces and ….berry tarts! Small, rustic, freshly made berry tarts. They were the perfect treat to have after a busy morning picking. We just had to try them.

Ok, maybe just another bite…
Now, what should I do with all these berries? Have you any ideas?

Hope you decide to come on my picnic with me. See you tomorrow.


February 11, 2013 | Comment ( 10 Comments )
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