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Kids :: Strawberry Bag- free pattern

February 15, 2013 | Comment ( 13 Comments )
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Looking for something cute to make this weekend? As soon as I made this sweet little bitty bag, it was snatched away by little hands! It's ideal if you're planning to go picnicing this weekend and go berry picking along the way, or even just a little bag for a little someone special. It takes no time at all to complete, and can be made from scraps of fabric you have lying around.



Here's what you'll need:-


30cm (12") x 60 cm (24") fabric for the outside of the bag- This is the red spot fabric I used

30cm (12") x 60 cm (24") fabric for the lining- I used solid pink cotton

44cm (17") x 30cm (12") green fabric (this is the fabric you will also use for the handle)

30cm (12") x 30cm (12") alternative green fabric

30cm(12") x 30cm (12") another different green fabric

(optional-I used 3 different green fabrics, but you could just use 2 different green fabrics)

2 x red buttons

46cm (18") bias binding (I made my own- but it's fine to use the bought binding)

Co-ordinated thread


Your free Red Brolly pattern-
Download Red Brolly  strawberry bag pattern- part 1


Download Free strawberry bag pattern- red brolly part 2


Instructions- Please read through all instructions carefully before starting.

1. Download and print your free strawberry bag pattern. Don't forget to add the seam allowance!

Cut out pieces as directed on the pattern

For the leaves- cut out 8 large leaves from the 3 different fabrics and cut out 8 smaller leaves using the green fabric of your choice. From the larger green fabric (44cm x 30cm) piece you will need to cut a 6cm (3 1/4") x 42 cm (16") rectangular strip.

2. Pin together the 2 outside (red spots) pieces, right sides facing each other. Stitch 1/4" around the outside, leaving the top open. Clip the curves. Turn inside out- red spots are now on the outside. Repeat with the lining. Do not turn out. Clip and press open seams.


3. Take 2 leaf pieces, pin wrong sides together. Green pattern is on the outside. I made my leaves with raw edges so they look a bit more rustic. Stitch 1/4" around the outside of the leaf, leaving the top open. If you like you can add detail such as veins to your leaf at this stage. Repeat with all the leaves. Slightly fray around the edges of each leaf.


4. Insert lining into the outer fabric piece. Pin your leaves around the top edge of your bag. Make sure they overlap. Place the larger leaves on first, and then the smaller leaves. Baste stitch the leaves into place- 1/4" from top of bag.


5. Pin your bias binding around the top of the bag, stitch into place.


6. To make your handle

Place your bag to one side whilst you make your handle. Take your green strip of fabric, press in half lengthways, right sides facing each other, using a hot iron. Sew 1/4" down the length of the strip. Turn right side out. I find a knitting needle useful to help in doing this. Press. Tuck the ends inside the handle, press, and then straight stitch across. For a neater finish, carefully sew down both sides, slightly in from the edge. For extra strength, you may like to stitch 2 rows of straight stitch down the middle of the strip.


7. Pin one side of your handle in place at the side seam- 4.5cm (1 1/2") from the end of the handle. Repeat with other side. Take your buttons and secure handle in place, using the buttons, with a few quick stitches.

And….TA-DA!! Finished!




Have a lovely weekend. Hope you get out and get a chance to enjoy the last glimpses of summer.





February 15, 2013 | Comment ( 13 Comments )
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