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Free Red Brolly Redwork pattern:: “The Wish” Patchwork Christmas Quilt

September 3, 2012 | Comment ( No Comments )
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Click on each link to go to the page to download each part of your

Red Brolly “The Wish” Christmas Quilt.

All parts to the quilt are free and each part includes your PDF pattern and instructions.

Please feel free to share your photos in my flickr group so we can all be inspired!

Red Brolly

All blocks have now been released.


Block 1- Part 1- The Santa stitchery

                Part 2- Applique Reindeer

red brolly free christmas quilt "the Wish" santa stitchery

Block 2- Part 1 Pulling Santa’s sleigh

                Part 2 Little Houses Block

applique Christmas houses

Block 3-  Part 1 Small Wishing angel
                 Part 2  Home is where the heart is

free redwork stitchery pattern

Part 3 Teddy and Sewing basket ( with the 3 applique hearts and checkerboard)

red brolly free christmas patchwork quilt pattern

Block 4- Santa Stitchery

free red brolly christmas stitchery Santa

Block 4- Part 2 pgs 22, 23- Star and heart borders


Block 5- Angels

free red brolly redwork christmas quilt pattern
Block 6

Part 1- Brutus Stitchery

red brolly brutus stitcheryBlock 6- Part 2

Filler Blocks- pgs 28, 29

Filler Blocks and piecing together instructions- pg 30

red brolly  christmas artwork

Please respect my wishes to give this pattern to you as a gift and it is for personal use only. Under no circumstances, is it to be copied and sold in ANY format, under ANY conditions.

Copyright Red Brolly 2012.

September 3, 2012 | Comment ( No Comments )
| This page as PDF

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