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{Little Red} Great Children’s books about Fathers

August 26, 2013 | Comment ( 6 Comments )
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Today is a new day! Thank you for sticking by me, but I'm back in action with the blog. I had planned on a trip down memory lane and then a birthday celebration with the blog. Due to lots of things happening, of which I've shared with you in previous posts, I've forgone the review of the past three years and the birthday of the blog will have to be a belated one! But, stay tuned as there are lots of exciting things planned.

So onwards and upwards and let's put the last 2 months behind us!! I'm going to be trialling a few new topics on the blog over the next few weeks, so let me know what you think of them.

Here's one of the new categories….

6a0120a6769b0c970c0192abf4d9d8970d-800wiWith Father's Day this weekend in Australia I thought that I would take a look at what books were on offer for children these days about Fathers. Being a teacher in a previous "life," children's books are something  close to my heart. Taking the time to share a book with your children is so precious- teaching a love for literature-is one of the greatest life long lessons you can give.

So, drum roll please….here are my top picks for kids to read with their Dad's this Father's Day (or any day really).


"Papa, do you love me?" By Barbara M. Jossee

Papa_do_you_love_me2A gorgeous tale set in Africa which captures the unconditional love given between a Massai warrior father and his son. This book features  beautiful watercolor illustrations in the traditional colours of Africa- oranges, reds, browns and ochres.

A young Maasai boy asks his father, “Papa, do you love me?” As all parents do, the Father replies with a loving response, the boy goes on to ask a multitude of
questions, each one trying to determine if his
father’s love will remain steady and strong in all situations and under all

The message
in told through this book is enduring message, whilst the illustrations will pose a lot of questions about life in Africa and the Maasai culture. Great to see, also, the more traditional word "papa."


"My Dad is big and strong, but…: A bedtime story" by Corallie Saudo

MyDadBigStrongI just adore this book! A book that captures the sweetness and playfulness of childhood and gives children a heads up about what pains they can be when it's time to go to bed…

"Every night it’s the same old thing, with dad refusing to go to bed.
He wants to play, read stories, even sleep with me, and when he makes
his pleading face, I always give in and read him another story. But
that’s it, since enough is enough. When it get’s really tough, I tell
myself, "Have courage. We’re almost there."

In this delightfully illustrated book, reminiscent of the 60's- Dad swings from the chandelier, he begs for another story, and asks to have
the light left on. A funny comedy routine turned on its head about a parent who
won’t go to bed, told through the eyes of his long suffering, responsible son.


MyDad_Spread-3smallImage courtesy of Amazon

"DADS: A Field Guide" by Justin Ractcliffe

Dads-a-field-guideA funny and cute book written as a handy guide to help identify all types of dads. As you read this book you learn how to identify each variety of dad- from how they dress, their distinctive habitat and much loved hobbies.

Stuck for words about your dad? There are so many different dads in the world and this handy little field guide will help you to describe your own dad. A great insight into spotting all of Dad's little idiosyncrasies.

Loads of Dads are covered in this book:- surfer dad, hairy dad, undies dad, nerdy dad, scruffy dad and rock'n'roll dads- they're all here.

A great laugh to share with your children as they try and spot their own Dad as they read along.









"Driving Daddy" by Hope Vestergaad

driving daddyAn adorable rhyming picture book for children 3 and under. If your child loves sitting up high on Daddy's shoulder's, then this is the book for you.

Laugh as baby, sitting on top of Daddy's shoulders, tries to steer him, as if he were a car, to where he wants to go; the park, the swings…but, all doesn't go to plan when Daddy has his own ideas of where he wants to go.

"My Dad" by Anthony Brown.

MydadAnthony Browne would have to be a real favourite children's author/illustrator of mine- his books are just so witty!

Dad's can be brave, funny, inspirational and can often eat like a horse! Throughout the book the boy's lovable dad is featured in his signature, brown tartan comfy bathrobe- a link to Browne's own father. Browne wrote this book, using his late father as
inspiration, after he found one of his dad's old bathrobe hanging in a

An inspiring book which celebrates dads everywhere, told through the eyes of a son- leaving us with a warm, fuzzy thought.

His traditional, clever illustrations-which Browne is renowned for-combined with his exaggerated story-lines, don't let us down in this traditional Anthony Browne story.


my dad by anthony Browne


"Papa,please get the moon for me" by Eric Carle

Papa_get_moon_me_HEric Carle would have to be one of my favourite children's book author/illustrators. His books are timeless. I just love his simple,elegant and classic illustrations.

"Papa, please get the moon for me," would have to be one of my favourite out of all the Eric Carle books, and one you have to get to add to your bookshelf.

The story literally unfolds outwards and upwards as a father tries to fulfill his daughter's longing to get the moon so she can play with it. Monica gazes out the window each night, stretching and stretching to get the moon, but she can never reach it, until she finally asks her father to get the moon for her.

A simple story that teaches about the phases of the moon at a basic level, and on a deeper level, demonstrates that goals-whilst seemingly impossible and unattainable- can be achieved.

A timeless book about a father's love for his daughter and a lovable message of inspiration.


Have a great day this Sunday, and hope that Dad's have a chance to be celebrated.

bronwyn hayes



[Disclosure: I do not receive anything for my book reviews. I am not paid, do not receive any copies of books and am not asked to write any reviews by company. These are just my thoughts shared with you about books I love]

August 26, 2013 | Comment ( 6 Comments )
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      • Says Donna Frandsen

        Thanks so much for this post. They all look like wonderful books and it is so nice to have books that pay tribute to Dads. I am so glad you are feeling better.

      • Says Sharon Oldfield

        Thanks for sharing the books, I love children books. And now have a granddaughter to read too as she grows up. Papa, Do You Love Me, sounds wonderful and is definately on my list! Glad you’re feeling on top of things again!

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