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{D.I.Y Tutorial} Stitched Felt Flowers-Part 1

October 5, 2011 | Comment ( 29 Comments )
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Aren’t they lovely? And so easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need.



*Buttons of various sizes and colours

*Felt pieces in various colours

*Thread (for mine I used the Cottage Garden variagated thread- but you could use whatever you have)

* Your downloaded flower pattern pieces (coming in Part 2)

* Optional- Florist wire, brooch back if making either a brooch or the flowers shown in the photos


In Part 2 of the Tutorial, I’ll provide a detailed PDF set of instructions and patterns which you can download and print.

But, for those of you that can’t wait, here’s a basic set of instructions. If you would like something more detailed, please wait until tomorrow when I’ll provide easy, step-by-step PDF version of instructions.

For those of you that can’t wait…

* Using the pattern, cut out your layers of petals. Odd numbers work best. I used 5 layers of petals. Make sure each layer varies in shape, size and colour.

*Using your favourite decorative stitches, embroider your petals. Don’t need to worry about sewing all the layers of petals, every other one works best. Don’t forget to also embroider the leaves!

*Assemble. Start with the smallest, centre button and work backwards. Thread the smallest button onto the wire (If making flowers shown in the photo). Bend it over, making a “U” shape.

If making a brooch, or flat backed flowers, just sew the layers together. Passing the needle and thread through all the layers.

*Once you have all the layers threaded onto the wire, thread another large button onto the back and then twist the 2 lengths of wire together. Securing your flower petals tightly.

*Attach the leaves.





Great for displays, bouquets, brooches, hat pins and decorating your bags and purses.

Start assembling all your materials and see you tomorrow, with lots of inspirational photos and instructions.




October 5, 2011 | Comment ( 29 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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      • Says Nancy C. in Utah

        Oh my gosh, how fun are these flowers? I love them. Thanks so much for sharing, great tutorial! Hugs…

      • Says Lone

        Hi Bron…
        How do you come up with all those things to make – U are simply awsome girl – I take my hat of for you, and do so much love to make the things from your site… Just found it and did win a price – So how can I not be a follower of this great blog – and the great thing you make to us all.
        Thanks for beeing out there.
        Lone In Denmark

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