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{ D.I.Y Tutorial } Laverne, Another Easter Chicken- Free pattern & instructions

April 4, 2012 | Comment ( 26 Comments )
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Meet Laverne the Easter Chook!

Still looking for some Easter craft to do? Meet Laverne. She’s a very patient, motherly chicken, always watching over her eggs and waiting for them to hatch. Laverne likes to fuss, and loves a good cluck with the other chickens at the water pot.


Here’s the instructions and pattern.



Here’s what you’ll need to make her:-

- Fabric- one fat quarter should be enough

-felt for the beak, comb and wattle

-polyester fiber stuffing

-thread or a bead for the eye

-scissors, pins

-fabric marker

- the pattern. Which you can download a pdf pattern here… page 1….  page 2



1. Cut out the pattern pieces as instructed on the pattern. Use a fabric marker to mark the placement spots onto the pieces.

2. Take one body piece, and right side up, place the beak piece and the wattle piece on the front end of the body, in the positions marked. Make sure they face inwards, to the back end of the chicken.


4. Place comb piece on top, as shown in the photo. Make sure you leave a little overlapping the edge of the body piece. See in the photo below how some is poking out?

5. Next, take your second body piece and place it on top, making sure right sides are facing.  Pin together, starting at the front where the spot is, and finishing at the tail end. See photo below.


6. Using your sewing machine, straight stitch along the top half of the chicken, allowing for a 1/4″ seam allowance. Do not stitch all the way around. Only stitch from pin to pin as shown above.

7. Take your Gusset piece, and match the black spot on the front of the gusset with the black spot on the body piece. Pin. Use this placement as a guide and pin the gusset to one side of the body and then follow around, pinning as you go, onto the other side of the body.


8. Straight stitch all the way around, remembering to leave a small opening so you can turn it right side out.


9. Clip those curves!


10. Turn Laverne right side out. You can try and press the seams as much as possible at this point, if you like.


11. Stuff her! Oh, poor Laverne! You can decide if you want her plump and cuddly or a little on the slender side. I personally know how I’d rather my chook!

12. Once she has been stuffed, use a slip stitch or ladder stitch, and sew the hole together.


13. Now to make the wings. Put Laverne to the side for a moment. Take 2 pieces of the wings and place them together, right sides facing. Pin.


14. Sew all the way around, leaving a small opening to turn right side out. Clip the curves.

15. Turn wing right side out and repeat with other 2 pieces. Press.

16. Slip stitch wings onto Laverne, using the dashed lines as a guide.


All she needs now is a nest with some lovely googy eggs! Voila!





April 4, 2012 | Comment ( 26 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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