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{D.I.Y Tutorial} How to Applique and free little Chicken Feather pattern

September 14, 2012 | Comment ( 10 Comments )
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Thought I might give a quick tutorial and pattern on how to applique. My Christmas "The Wish" quilt includes some applique as does some pf my other patterns. There's several ways to applique, but I'm going to show you my favourite way. I'll be using a pattern from my book, "Little Chicken Feather and Friends." If you'd like to see inside the book at some of the other projects just click on the link. it's a great little book full of stitcheries and projects to welcome a new baby.

It's a really simple little applique project to start with…so here we go…

Red-brolly-free-chicken-applique-pattern-and-tutorialWould you like to learn how to make this cute little chickie border and learn how to applique in the process?

Ok, here's what you will need:-


Step 1-Trace design

Transfer the chickie design with a soft pencil or Pigma pen using your preferred method to the fabric you are using for the background. I usually use a lightbox to transfer my designs to fabric but holding the design up to the window will work just as well. Click here if you would like instructions on how to transfer a stitchery design.


Step 2- Applique Chicks

(note, if you are using needleturn applique, you will need to add the seams in.)

1. Place the vlisofix on top of the printed chicks, paper side up. Trace around chicks, transferring the design to the vlisofix.

2. Roughly cut around chicks.

3. Select material for your chickies. On mine I've used a simple and bright yellow. Turn over fabric so you have the wrong side facing up. Place vlisofix chicks onto fabric, paper side up. Take a hot iron and press vlisofix. When it has stuck to fabric, remove iron and repeat with all the chickies.

4. Carefully cut around the chick shape.

5. Peel off paper from vlisofix. You should now have a fabric chick, with the "sticky" side of the vlisofix on the wrong side of the fabric.

6. Using whatever method you prefer, copy the facial features of the chickies onto each chick.

7. Position chicks onto design, right side facing up.  Press with a hot iron, securing them into place.

8. Stitch around your chicks. You can use whatever stitch you like, either by hand or machine. On my chicks I've used blanket stitch. I used a thread colour that was fairly close to the fabric colour.

9. If you like, you can repeat the above applique method for the heart. If you don't want to stitch the heart, just simply stitch the design using backstitch.

Bouncing rabbits-graphic1

Step 3- Stitch design

All the stitchery is done using backstitch. Shaded areas are satin stitch and the dots are colonial knots…which I know you know how to do since you've already ready my posts on "How to satin stitch" and "How to stitch a colonial knot."

You don't have to use the colours mentioned, they are just guidelines. And I'm in by no means sponsored by DMC threads (though it would be nice wouldn't it? Then I might get some free threads…seeing how much we all go through), they've just what I've chosen to use for this particular tutorial :-)

Stitch the vine and leaves in 3364 and the flower petals and stamens in 813. Satin stitch the centres in 223. Add the details to the chickies…

Chick eyes- 813 colonial knots

Chick beaks- 922 satin stitch

Chick topknots and tails- use the same colour you used for the outline of the chick

Legs, wings and feet- 922

And you're finished! You have just completed some applique designs. Easy wasn't it?

Here's the Applique Stitchery design, either right click the image below, or download the PDF file below.

Free Red Brolly Applique Chicks design
(For some reason the yellow has turned out a little sickly…oh dear!)

Here's the
Free Applique Chicks design and stitchery in PDF form should you need it.


If you would like some photos on using the vlisofix, go to my tutorial on "Applique embroidered Butterfly Wall Art," there you'll find some photos which will help you.

You might also like to stitch a border around the design. I'll leave it up to you.

Here's some ideas on how to use your chickies (all these images are from my "Little Chicken Feather and Friends" book, where you'll find the complete projects and quilt)…

You could frame it and make it into wall art to decorate a nursery or little girls room.

Use it as a border on a pillow like in the photo below

Use it them on bag handles or around the top of a bag…

Or use the design as a border and make a cot sheet (you will need to repeat the design several times in a row).

Have fun stitching this weekend project!

red brolly


September 14, 2012 | Comment ( 10 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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      • Says Jenny's Craft Place

        Thank you for such a cute design, Bronwyn. I can also picture it as an embroidery design. A lovely one to mention on one of my ‘Jenny’s Jaunts’, especially at Easter. Many thanks, and happy crafting, Jenny

      • Says Lyn Smith

        I love Chicken Feather. I have used patterns for two grandchildren and I’m currently deciding what to do from this fabulous book for twin great grandsons due late January. Thanks Brownwyn for such a great book.

      • Says Anita Kroll

        Love it! I just simply love your stuffs. I sure hope u do make it to Chicago Intl Show next year so I can meet u in person.

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