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{D.I.Y Tutorial} Felt Mouse Pincushion project

October 6, 2012 | Comment ( 15 Comments )
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Meet Mr Mouseling. He's a rather distinguished fellow- he likes the finer things in life…grilled camembert and pickle sandwiches, goat's cheese and feta tartlets and vintage cheese infused cups of tea.

Would you like to make him? He's really very easy. He's a quick project which I thought would make a great pincushion, or if you have some little children in your life, you could make it for them.

Here's what you'll need:-
- Your free pdf pattern-
Download Mouse pattern

-Some lovely, good quality felt- at least 2 colours. But a good guide is 2 colours for the mouse, pink for inside the ear and a flesh colour for the feet and tail.

-Florist wire, or some thin wire that's similar

-Matching thread and scissors (Please note: For the purpose of the photos, I've used a different coloured thread so
you can see what I'm doing. Use a thread that best matches the colour of your felt.)


- 2 beads for eyes (optional: I didn't use them as I didn't have any, but in hindsight they would've been better)

-And I would recommend something to weigh him down, like some rice, coins, lentils…even a thick cardboard circle cut slightly smaller than the base circle.

Note- Finished size is 3 1/2"

(If you need a larger/smaller felt mouse, just use your printer to enlarge the pattern or shrink it to size).

Seam allowance is 1/4"

painted flower graphics by red brolly

Instructions: How to make your felt mouse.

Step1- Cut out your pieces.

Download and print your Red Brolly PDF pattern.

Cut out each of the pieces from the paper and place onto your felt. Pin into place or trace around them with a fabric pen.

Cut out your pieces from the felt.


Step 2- Making the body.

Take the 2 body pieces and place them on top of each other, matching each other. Starting at the base (where his tail will go) stitch all the way around, up his back and head, stopping at the black spot marked on the pattern (just under the chin). Clip the curves.

Take your insert piece- this is the piece of felt that will make his tummy. Open the front of the body piece you just stitched. Take your insert piece and match the point of the insert to the top where you just finished stitching (where the black spot is on the pattern- match the 2 black spots together). Pin the sides together. Stitch one side, starting at the base and finishing just under the "chin." Pin the other side, and repeat, stitching down the other side, again starting at the base and finishing at the point of the insert.

Clip the curves. Also trim the point of his nose of- just clipping the point of the triangle off. Be careful not to cut your stitches, but this will make his nose sit better.

Turn mouse right side out. You may need to use a pair of closed scissors or a knitting needle to push the nose out.

Take your stuffing and push into body. Again, use the knitting needle to help you get the stuffing right to the tip of his nose. If you would like to weigh him down and give him extra support, stop the stuffing about half way. Fill the body the rest of the way with rice, or something similar to give him strength (this part is optional). If you are going to skip this step, keep filling the body with stuffing to the base.

At this point, if you decided not to fill with rice, you could add a few large coins or cut a piece of heavy weight cardboard and insert after you've finished stuffing. Again, this is optional, but it will allow your mouse to sit flat.


Place the circle base piece on and with a running stitch, stitch around the circle, attaching the base piece to the body.

Step 3- Making the ears

Place the smaller, inner ear piece on top of the larger, outer ear piece.

Fold ear in half and stitch a few, quick stitches at the base of the ear. For the purpose of the photos, I've used a different coloured thread so you can see what I'm doing. Use a thread that matches the body colour of your mouse.


Repeat with the other ear pieces.

Stitch the ears onto the body of your mouse. Different positions will give your mouse a different overall look. Experiment first with different placements of the ears. Stitch into place with ladder stitch or slip stitch at the back of the ear.


Step 4- Making the arms

Fold the arm piece in half. Stitch the side seams together, leaving the base of the arm open. Push a small amount of stuffing into the arm. Repeat with other arm. (Remember I've used a different coloured thread for the purpose of the photos)


Attach arms to body using slip stitch.


Step 5- Making the tail

Cut a piece of florist wire the length you require for the tail. You can make it as long or as short as you like. Cut a piece of felt slightly longer and wider than the wire.

Fold the felt over the wire, matching the sides together. Stitch along the side and around the tip. Push the wire to the closed end, so you have a little extra felt at the open end. Using this small extra bit of felt, stitch tail to the back of the mouse. Curl/ position the tail as you like.

 Step 6- Adding some personality

 All you have left to do is add some personality to your mouse. Attach the beads for the eyes. If you're not using beads, you can do colonial knots. Satin stitch a nose and add some whiskers. Attach the two feet. AND…VOILA! Finished.

Then I started to have a bit of fun. I added a bowtie and I also felt that he needed a top hat- to make him a distinguished gentlemen mouse.


And what does Mr. Mouseling need most?

A lady mouse of course!

Free-felt-mouse-tutorial-and-pattern-by-red-brolly-Maybe they could get married?


And start a family…



Oh…here's another version of the pattern incase you are having difficulties with the PDF version.

Mouse pattern by red brolly


Have fun with this project.

red brolly signature

October 6, 2012 | Comment ( 15 Comments )
| This page as PDF

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