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{d.i.y tutorial} Felt Fairy Mushroom house Pincushion project

September 29, 2012 | Comment ( 35 Comments )
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Well I'm back from tiptoeing through the tulips and have been inspired to create something from my visit to all the open gardens that we visited. The girls and I had a great jaunt to the Southern Highlands of NSW and have eaten waaaay to much!

On our visit I took some gorgeous little girls out for a day trip. They loved exploring through the gardens, running along the paths, marvelling at the lovely flowers and trying to find flowers in their favourite colours…all things little girls love to do. The topic of conversation during the day was pixies and fairies. They loved the thought that there might be a fairy hiding along a path, behind a garden wall or amongst the pretty petals. Upon returning home they just had to make a house for the fairies!

So, after watching all this buzz of excitement I couldn't help but be inspired to create my own fairy and pixie house. This leads me to this weekend's free Red Brolly project….a felt fairy mushroom house pincushion!


It's a simple little project that you can finish in a couple of hours. It can be hand stitched or mostly sewn on the machine. The amount of detail you'd like to add is really up to you. There's room for little windows with window sills and flowers and curtains to peek through, roses rambling over an arch above the tiny front door and sweet, leaf roofs above the windows.

You can be imaginative as you like, you could add a chimney, a door mat, a welcome sign…lots of possibilities. When starting to stitch the garden details I found myself really being lost in the project and started getting carried away with all these ideas of fairies and their houses.


This is a project for both beginners and advanced stitchers. You advanced stitchers will like it because you can add lots of detail- woodwork on the doors, a rambling garden, lots of flowers etc. But, beginner stitchers don't be put off. I only have used 4 different stitches when making the pincushion….running stitch, back stitch, colonial knots and lazy daisy (detatched and chain). Now, I know you can do all of these and I've given you a tutorial on how to stitch colonial knots and lazy daisies.



Here's what you'll need to make one of these cute little felt houses.


-Your free Red Brolly printable Mushroom house PDF pincushion pattern

-Some gorgeous good quality felt in lots of lovely colours

-Some thread- for my blue fairy house I used the variegated thread



-embellishments such as tiny dolls buttons, little bells…if you like.

Note: All seam allowances are 1/4"

Finished size measures 4"


Step by step instructions

Step 1- Making the Mushroom cap/roof

Trace around each of the felt pieces onto the felt and cut out. Remember to mark the bottom side of the mushroom cap.

Take the 4 pieces of the mushroom cap. Match 2 pieces together, remembering to make sure the bottom sides line up. Pin along one side. Repeat with the other 2 pieces.

Stitch along one side of each of the pieces as shown above. Then clip the curves. You should now have 2 halves to the mushroom roof.

Open out the 2 pieces and place right sides together and pin.

Stitch the 2 sides together.

Turn right side out. Now it's time to add the spots to the roof. You can either simply glue them, or stitch them on. Place spots where you like. If you are adding an attic window, now is the time to do so.

Turn the roof inside out again. Take your bottom circle for the mushroom cap/roof. Pin into place.

Stitch all the way around, but leave a small hole to push the stuffing in. Turn right side out.

Take some of your stuffing and push it through the hole, you can decide how firm you would like the roof. If using for a pincushion, you want the roof to be quite firm.

Close the hole together using slip stitch. Put to one side.


Step 2- Making the house

This is the fun part. Assemble all your house pieces together.

Fold the stalk piece in half to find the centre, crease. Take the two door pieces. Place the smaller piece on top of the larger piece-to make the arch- and then position in the centre of the stalk piece. This is where you made the crease. Stitch in place.

To make the windows, take your window rectangle and place into position. Take your curtains, position those and then stitch securely. Place the window sills onto the windows. On my blue house I've placed them above the window, on my pink house I've made them into window boxes. Sew into position.

Add the little leaves over the windows/doors if you've decided to use these. Using a variety of stitches, stitch flowers, leaves, grass onto your fairy house. I've also added teeny tiny dolls buttons for flowers on my pink house.


Note: Chain stitch is just lots of lazy daisies joined in a row


Once finished, match sides of stalk together, making a ring. Make sure it is inside out- right sides facing each other.

Turn right side out.


Step 3- Assembly

Take your roof piece and your house/stalk piece. Position the stalk piece under the roof. Using slip stitch or ladder stitch, attach stalk piece to roof.

Take some of your stuffing and push into the stalk until you get it quite firm. It needs to be able to support your pincushion.

You could add a weight in the bottom for extra support, or cut a cardboard circle and place at the base once you have finished stuffing.



Take the felt circle you have cut for the stalk base. Cover the base of the stalk, using running stitch, sew all the way around.


Drum roll please…..dadadadadadadadadadada………!!! Turn it right way up and TA-DA, one cutesy felt fairy mushroom house pincushion.



Have a great weekend stitching!

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September 29, 2012 | Comment ( 35 Comments )
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      • Says Larissa

        Soooo cute Bronwyn!!! … But … I tried to print the page/s out so I could have the information out in front of me while I make one, but it didn’t want to work. Is there a clever trick? Or is it possible to get it as a PDF downloadable document? … Is anyone else having this problem? I *desperately* want to make some of these, but would really love a copy on paper!!

      • Says Pamela Susan

        Are you kidding me?? This is BRILLIANT!!! So clever, so gorgeous. Will be making this asap. And how fun that I found you… I was just logging into my typepad account to blog about making fairy houses with my three daughters in the forest across the street. Will have to send you a link once the post is done. :)

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