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{D.I.Y Craft Round-up} Super Doily Tutorials

October 18, 2011 | Comment ( 12 Comments )
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photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Are you just loving the abundance of Doilies at the moment? Do you have a secret stash of doilies that you're not sure what you're going to do with?

Presently I'm working on a few stitching ideas with Doilies myself, but in the meantime I've put together a fantastic array of doily D.I.Y tutorials and projects.

The ideas in these free projects are amazing, I know I'll be doing a few of these myself.

Here's some ideas and tutorials….

With doilies you can….


Like they did at Casa Sugar. There's a framed doily tutorial via The Pretty Bee or go here for the framed hoop doily project.


You could hang folded paper doilies to make a bunting. There's no tutorial, but it would just be a matter of folding paper lace doiles over twine and securing with glue, or even some staples. You could also make a more permanent one using real doilies and stitching them…add some embroidery perhaps??

To make the stunning stiffened doilies, you'll find the tutorial to make this gorgeous doily display here.

There's limited tutorials for these ideas, but they're pretty self-explanatory. Great and inexpensive, especially with Christmas quickly looming.


This weekend make some wrapping paper, doily envelopes or head to this  tutorial for more wrapping paper ideas using paper doilies. Don't forget you could also paint them, or dye them to whatever colour you needed.


Make a doily garland like they did here- An idea for Christmas decorations perhaps??

Or make some Doily Cupcake Toppers or download your free template and make some simple Cupcake wrappers.


Use up your stash to make lovely lace votives.

Still not inspired?

What about sewing your lace doilies onto an old tablecloth to revamp it? Like they did here.

Make a stunning tablerunner by stitching your doilies together.


With Halloween just around the corner you might like to try stencilling lace doily designs onto pumpkins.

stencilled pumpkins

or making this pillow using the tutorial and a lace doily.


AND…..Just to prove you can never have enough lace doilies in your life. You could always try….



Do you have any ideas for doily crafts or tutorials you would like to share? Would love to hear about them.





October 18, 2011 | Comment ( 12 Comments )
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