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Dear Jane….

September 27, 2011 | Comment ( 13 Comments )
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I MUST show you this quilt. I know alot of you at the moment are currently embarking on making a "Dear Jane" quilt. I take my hat off to you…there is so much work in these quilts. Some might actually go as far as to call you crazy.

Anyway, I wanted to share this truely inspirational Dear Jane Quilt with you…

This quilt was made by Gwen, using Kaffe Fasset fabric. It appeared on the blog Green Fairy Quilts. My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw the stitching on this quilt. It is an absolute must see and a real inspiration, not just for those undertaking the mammoth task of a Dear Jane quilt, but for all of us when stitching our next quilt.


I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I must let you that it took Gwen 18 months to complete,  225 blocks and 4,948 little pieces of fabric…AND WAIT FOR THIS!!! 70 hours of stitch in the ditch alone!…not to even mention the rest of the stitching. DJ2



Can you see the metalic threads?

DJ5 Images courtesy of Green Fairy Quilts

Now does that want to make you keep on stitching?

If you would like to find out a bit more about the history and story behind the original Dear Jane quilt, you can see photos and read all about it here.

Happy Stitching.

Oh, and if you are currently working on a Dear Jane quilt, or have made a DJ quilt, you are more than welcome to post a link to your blog/flickr page etc and share your inspirational photos with all of us. You can even leave some advice for those undertaking this quilt….



September 27, 2011 | Comment ( 13 Comments )
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      • Says Annelies

        What a beautiful Dear Jane. Today on my blog ( quiltsandsiggies) you find the top of my Dear Jane. It is made with fabrics that I bought in the Provence in the south of France.
        It is such an inspiration to see this one.

      • Says Nancy C. in Utah

        I’ve seen more Dear Jane quilts at various shows than I can count…but those bright beautiful colors take my breath away. It is far and away my favorite of all time. Just an absolute beauty to begin with, then add Judi breathing life into it with her amazing quilting and you have a piece that is beautiful beyond description. Amazing work by both Gwen and Judi. I could never take on this quilt but looking at this one makes me want to, LOL. Sweet Judi is so young and so talented I have told her time and again she certainly has a bright future ahead. Well done, both of you. Hugs…

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