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Christmas Craft Tutorial :: Christmas hoop Baubles

December 10, 2012 | Comment ( 7 Comments )
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Would you like to make a gorgeous wall art display like the one here? I don't know about you, but things in Red Brolly Headquarters are getting really busy, really quickly. I only have time to do the quick Christmas projects now, and I was thinking that it might be the case for you too.


This Christmas project can be done quickly, it takes about 40 mins- from start to finish, to complete one Christmas hoop bauble- or you can take a bit longer and add some stitching to your design.


Ok, here's a list of materials you will need. Some of them are just ideas as the decorating possibilities are endless.

You will need:-

  • Christmas fabric- they work best with 2 different fabrics per hoop. Using up your scraps works perfectly for this project.
  • Vliesofix (this is optional. If you're looking to cut down on your time, then this is the quickest way. You could stitch them on the machine, or use glue even. For this tutorial, I used the Vliesofix).
  • Embroidery hoops- I made mine using 6" hoops. Just the cheap ones you can buy at your craft store.
  • Matching embroidery thread, needle and scissors (especially if you are going to do some hand stitching)
  • PVA glue- or some other strong glue to secure the fabric at the back of the hoop
  • Ribbons, buttons, ric rac, lace, pom pom strands, sequins, beads…anything you'd like to decorate them with.

Penguin- copyright Red Brolly/ Bronwyn Hayes 2012

How to make your Christmas hoop bauble:

1. Choose a piece of fabric that is slightly bigger than your hoop. Make sure that it will fit nicely into your hoop, with at least a 1-2 cm seam allowance. This is your background.

2. Select a 2nd piece of fabric that matches yoru background. Measure a piece of fabric that will cover about 2/3's of the background. Cut a piece of vliesofix to fit the 2nd piece of fabric. Attach the vliesofix to the 2nd piece of fabric, remove the paper and then iron to the background fabric.

3. Choose a ribbon, ric rac or a strip of fabric to cover the join. Glue, stitch or use vliesofix to attach to the fabric, covering the joining point.

Red--brolly-christmas-hoop-bauble-step3You can do several strips of ric rac, sequins, ribbon if you like.

4. Place your fabric into your hoop. Tighten.

Red-brolly-christmas-hoop-bauble--step45. Now is the fun part. Experiment with buttons, beads, applique, stitching etc.Once finished tie a ribbon around the top of the hoop. Turn your hoop over. Using glue, place a strip of glue around the inner rim of the hoop. Pull the fabric and press into the glue. Continue all the way around the hoop. Leave to dry.

This is your basic Christmas hoop bauble. It's up to you how much time you'd like to spend on this project. I've shown a few different ways to decorate your baubles below.

You can't really see in the photos, but I also stitched crosses down the middle of the strips of fabric.



Lots of ideas. They were quite enjoyable to make. I'm thinking that I'll make some hoop baubles in different sizes to add to the designs and make a great Christmassy wall display. You could even wrap some ribbon or fabric around the hoops, or use coloured hoops for something different.

Christmas Baubles using embroidery hoops
They could even make great decorations to add to the Christmas tree, or put on your sideboard.

Gorgeous tutorial by Red Brolly- Christmas hoop baubles
Christmas Hoop art tutorial by Red Brolly
Happy Christmas stitching!

Santa in Socks- Copyright Red Brolly/Bronwyn Hayes 2012




December 10, 2012 | Comment ( 7 Comments )
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