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Chic Mug Rug.

November 6, 2012 | Comment ( 36 Comments )
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  It was while I was sipping on a freshly brewed cup of French  Earl grey and avidly pouring over the selections for the Melbourne Cup- that I thought, to myself- Wouldn't it be lovely to have somewhere to put my cup whilst thinking about the horses?

  So- I rushed madly off- quickly drew something to go on the front- and Hey Presto Change-o, here it is . Specially for Melbourne Cup Day.

The Chic Melbourne Cup Mug Rug!

Mug rug 1A

 Notice the Red Brolly girls are discussing their tips for the Melbourne Cup, whilst drinking their French Earl Grey tea laced with Champagne!


Mug Rug 1

It's meant to go with the Chic Butterfly Mug Bag.

(Pattern in free Downloads).

Open mug bag

 With a small adaptation it ties neatly to the inside of the bag- so you can carry the both of them with you.

  Pretty neat, eh?

Mug bagside view

Frames and borders

All you do to keep the Mug Rug in place is sew 22" of co-ordinating ribbon to the inside of the bag…..

Mug Bag 1

  Roll the Mug Rug neatly- and tie in place!

Mug bag up close

  Of course- you can just make the Mug Rug by itself.

  To download the three pages of Mug Rug instructions-

  page 1
Download Mug Rug 1

page 2
Download Mug Rug2

 Page 3
Download Mug Rug 3z

Borders and frames2

   Let me know how you go with it!

November 6, 2012 | Comment ( 36 Comments )
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