Red Brolly is coming to America for the first time


Such exciting news! We are *bursting* with excitement at Red Brolly headquarters. Red Brolly is going international for the very first time! If you’ve been following us on facebook you would’ve seen the clues, but we can finally tell you that Red Brolly is travelling to the International Quilt Market and Festival  in Houston, for  the first time ever!  It’s the first time that we’ve been internationally with Red Brolly and we are very excited, yet very, very nervous. There is so much for us to organise and get our heads around, but we just can’t contain ourselves.

We will be at both the Quilt Market and the Quilt Festival in Houston from October 25- November 2 and we would love you to come and meet us and say hello. Mark it in your diary!


There will be lots of new Red Brolly patterns and projects as well as our most popular designs. It’s so hard to choose what to take! We will be selling both trade and retail so we would love to see you all there….even if it’s just to give us a friendly wave so we don’t feel so lost with all the crowds.

We will show you shortly some of the new patterns we will be taking and give you a glimpse of what to expect.


We would also love some travel tips on things to do in Houston whilst we are there and if you are able to give us any handy tips on the Quilt Festival we’d gladly welcome those too!

We are really looking forward to coming to America for the first time and meeting some of our American friends. Hope to see you in Houston!


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  1. says

    If you have the time to get to Galveston I would highly recommend it, lots of historical homes and a view of the Gulf of Mexico and their seawall is lovely.

    I’m heading down for Saturday and Sunday of the festival and hope to drop in and say hi.

    Welcome to the show, insure you will have a wonderful time.

    • Bronwyn says

      I don’t think there’ll be much time to do anything but the show by the looks of things,
      Pity really- Galveston sounds really lovely!

  2. Bessie Grahmann says

    I am thrilled that you will at the International Quilt Festival in Houston to see all your lovely things in person. I can hardly wait.

  3. says

    Dear Bronwyn

    It is fantastic! Now everyone will know why the rest of us go all crazy about what you do. Cannot be there, will be on retreat. However, I will be thinking of you, Brutus will have to wait for you to enjoy your travels and new stories and adventures he will hear of when you return. Have fun!

    • Bronwyn says

      Thanks Maggie.
      I hope you have heaps of fun on your Retreat!
      I know we’ll have to check our baggage carefully to make sure Brutus hasn’t “accidently” hidden himself in it!
      He’s been pouting and sulking for days now since I revealed he wasn’t coming!

  4. Marcy Mahle says

    Oh how I wish I could go to the Quilt Show, but I live in Centerville, Ohio and that weekend is birthday weekend for my granddaughter who will turn 6 plus it is a wee bit far to travel. I am so happy that you are coming to the US and I do hope that some of the shops here will order tons of your patterns and books. I love everything you do and have lots of your patterns and books that I have bought from your shop and other shops in Australia on-line. Is there any chance, those of us who cannot attend the show, could order some of your new items or kits while you are here in the States to mail them? I still wish I could be there to meet you in person. Have a wonderful time and a great show.

  5. Gillian says

    Bronwyn you will be overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people you meet. My late husband made many trips to the USA and was impressed by the people he met and the many invitations he received to “come back to my place for dinner”. You will have a ball and, as a side issue, will probably sell out of all of your designs. Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

  6. Bev says

    I would be bouncing off the walls with excitement! I won’t get to go to the market…I’m in Florida. I saw your pic of how big that market is and wowza. I’ve gone to the Jacksonville quiltfest a couple times and that is small compared to Texas. Be sure to make a list of all those “gotta try” American food items and enjoy the cousine while you all are here, LOL. Yummmm.

    • Bronwyn says

      Hi Bev-
      Yes the food in America is something totally different to what we have in Australia, I believe. So it will definitely be an exciting experience!
      Bronwyn …

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