Recycle Tooth fairy box from kinder surprise egg


Today is National Toothfairy Day…well, sort of. There seems to be 2 dates that are designated to the fairy who has a very important job. Today is one, and the other is in February. The majority of people tend to lean towards the February date, so we will do lots of things then, but we thought that we couldn’t let today slip past without a mention.


You will never guess what has been upcycled to make these cute little trinket toothfairy boxes. Can you guess?

Each little trinket box can be opened to hold the precious tooth inside, though you could just leave them as they are and use them as sweet little figurines to play with.


They do take a little bit of time to make- just because you need to let the paint layers dry, but they are well worth it don’t you think? Aren’t they just sweet.?

Well, have you guessed what we’ve used? ….. These Toothfairy boxes have been made from the plastic eggs that you find inside Kinder Surprise chocolates.






You will also need a piece of sandpaper, a skewer and a thin, marker pen.


(you can pause and start the slide by pressing the button in the bottom right hand corner)

Adding the little pillow on the inside is optional. It can get a little fiddly putting this in so you may like to give this step a miss. You may also like to also give your trinket box a coat of lacquer to give it some extra protection and shine and a layer of glitter or fairy dust. Perhaps sprinkle some fairy dust on the inside of the egg to make it extra special?



They don’t have to be used for lost teeth, all sorts of little teensy treasures can be placed inside.

Maybe your fairies like to hang out at the mushroom and gossip, maybe they like to sit and sip on dandelion tea, perhaps, your fairies like to potter in the bottom garden playing with the ladybugs and slaters. There is lots of creative play possibilities.





Enjoy Toothfairy day, and perhaps give your teeth an extra brush tonight and celebrate the Toothfairy.



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