Magnetic needlekeep for a pretty place to keep needles.


Here’s a quick D.I.Y craft to make that takes under 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.

A sweet magnetic needlekeep for a pretty place to keep needles and pins that you can have sitting next to your sewing machine, your sewing chair on on your craft table.


Made using self-covering buttons and magnets- it really is very quick to make. We suggest that you  use the larger self-covering buttons that are a little rounder. This way there is plenty of room for the magnets to fit in between the cap and the back cover. We used an extra-large hub self-covering button that has claw grips underneath. We also suggest that you use extra-strong, but quite slim magnets- again so the the magnets will fit underneath, but also provide plenty of grip through the fabric covering.


We also suggest that you super glue the magnets into place rather than just attaching the magnets by just letting them do their magnetic thing. If you place a few dabs of hot glue, then your magnets are secure and can’t come unattached.





(note, there is now a feature for you to pause and restart the slide when you are ready- it’s in the bottom right hand corner).




The great thing about these pinkeeps is that you can leave them plain or you can embellish them a little with pom-pom trim around the edges, lace, ric-rac or ribbons.




Why not make this sweet little matching Scissorkeep to go with your new magnetic needlekeep. Click on the photo to go to the project pag.



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  1. Christina says

    These are so cute – you could thread narrow ribbon through the shank so you could tie them around your sewing machine.

    Love the new pause button too – thank you! x

  2. Sara says

    I love the idea to be able to stop the slide show and view each step. However, the pinterest cover prevents me from doing that. :-( I get the idea, and love it. Thanks for showing us your creative idea. You are so generous!

    • Bronwyn says

      Hi June0
      Any quilt shop will have self-cover buttons.
      Or just type “self-cover buttons” into your search engine.
      They come in various sizes from very small to extra large.
      You can also get square ones- which would look rather cute. Also in a variety of sizes.
      They don’t cost very much either. Which makes them a great little gift idea.
      Bronwyn …

  3. Barbara Hatherall says

    I love the magnetic needle keeper idea ( Christmas gift for friends) but on looking for magnets on line they give a choice of a north or south magnetic field. I am confused as to what I should get. I would appreciate your help. A big red brolly fan.:)

    • Bronwyn says

      Hi Barbara-
      I don’t think it really matters in this case. Either would work well.
      Just make sure they’re small enough to fit inside the button cover of your choice.
      The main thing is that they keep all those needles and pins in one place!

    • Bronwyn says

      Hi Herma-
      This is a good question as the uses for these fabulous little Pinkeeps are endless!
      If you have a look in the Pinkeep photos- you’ll notice that the self-cover buttons come in two parts- the top and the bottom.
      the bottom section has a small shank attached to it- which means you can sew the self-cover buttons to clothing.
      BUT- this is also the brilliant way you can attach the Pinkeeps to almost anything you like:
      sewing baskets/project bags
      Large pincushions
      Needle books
      Sewing kits
      Sewing cushions
      To the arm of your sewing chair

      They also sit- on a table, on the arm of a chair etc.
      The shank can also have ribbon threaded through it so you can turn the Pinkeep into a tie on Pin/Needlekeeper:
      To a basket handle with your sewing projects in it.
      To a wrist
      To a pretty mug (that holds your scissors, pencils, pens and ruler). This would also make a great gift for a sewing friend.
      The possibilities go on and on….
      Bronwyn …

  4. Shirley says

    Can you please tell me where you bought the button covers and the magnets. Also what size in inches are the buttons and the magnets.

    Thank you!

    • Bronwyn says

      Hi Shirley-
      Button covers can be bought at any quiltshop.
      Or Lincraft, Jo-Ann’s (if you’re in the States).
      They come in a wide variety of sizes from very small- around 2″ up to really large- 4″.
      Also they not only come as round- but you can also get square self-cover buttons- also in a variety of sizes. The larger ones are best, as you can fit more pins on. Though, the larger the button the more magnets you’ll need.

      The magnets are sold at Craft supply shops- try Eckersley’s or again Jo-ann’s in the States.
      You could also try typing “self-cover buttons” and “small round magnets” into the search engine of your browser. We bought ours from Etsy. Make sure that the magnets are really strong- so they can work through the layer of fabric.

      Make sure you get the metal self-cover buttons- otherwise you’ll have to glue the magnet in place.

      Bronwyn …

  5. Joyce Frazier says

    Another great idea and tutorial! Thank you Bronwyn. I look forward to making these for myself, family and friends. Thank you for sharing your talents. I have been a fan of yours for many, many years.

  6. judy kay says

    You can gt heavy duty magnets really cheap at harbourfreight. Another idea is to glue a jewelry pin on the back of the button so it can be pinned to clothing or your project.


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