How to attach a sew in purse frame


A simple little sewing tutorial today. There are so many cute bitsy bags and purses around at the moment, we thought that you may like to learn how to use a sew in metal purse frame. Purse frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The size of the frame you use will determine the size and shape of your purse.

There are 2 kinds of metal purse frames available. There’s the glue in frames which involve you using a clear, superglue and “dotting” it along the inside of the frame and then “pushing” your purse into the frame. The glue in frames, we find, don’t last as long and it can look a little messy if you are a little generous with the glue. The glue can also interact with some of the enamel on frames and can rub it off. On the other hand, glue in frames have a much wider variety of colours.



Sew-in metal purse frames are extremely sturdy- they are not going to come away from the purse from being used. They do involve some hand sewing- but, we know you are experts in hand sewing by now! Plus, being made of metal they are a lot stronger.

There are 2 shapes of frames you can buy- a curved shaped frame or a square frame. It doesn’t matter which shape you use the technique will be the same.


You will need:-

* your purse

* sew-in purse frame

* needle and thread


* fabric marker

Easy! If you don’t want to sew a running stitch across to the other side of your purse along the side, the other option is to end your stitch on the inside of your bag at the end of your frame. Then, start again in the centre of your purse and sew down the other side of the purse and frame. Personally this is my preferred method. But, if you don’t like stopping and starting again, just use the method shown in the steps above.


Once you’ve learnt how to sew in a metal purse frame there will be no stopping you. The purse above is my “Love to sew” purse pattern- just without the embroidery on the front. If you are after some pretty purse patterns you can have a look through the Red Brolly shop.


Watch out for a tutorial for making the cute little coin purse that you can see above- so sweet!


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  1. Susie says

    Thank you for showing us this. I have always wondered at the back of my mind how they are attached. They are all on my ‘to do / one day’ list and now I think they may come forward a little more on the list as they don’t look as complicated as I had originally thought.

  2. marcie says

    what strength of thread do I use on this. Should it be embrodery or tapestry thread? Or all purpose or quilting thread?

    • Bronwyn says

      Linen thread is best.Quilting thread is fine.
      But I like to use either a thread colour that matches the fabric in the purse – or a thread colour that contrasts with the fabric.
      So lately I’ve been using four strands of embroidery thread, because of the large colour selection.
      And I’ve had no problems with durability.And the purses I’ve made have lasted for years.
      Bronwyn …

    • says

      Hi Dumali-
      From Studio Mio.
      Mio has everything you need to make purses and bags.
      Just type studio mio into your search engine.
      Bronwyn …

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