DIY Felt Hydrangeas

hydrangea-wall-art-by-red-brollyFeel like making something crafty? I was discussing the other day on facebook how lovely hydrangeas are. I think my favourites are the pretty vanilla cream ones with tinges of pinks on the tips, though I do like those green tinged ones too. My mother has them growing along her driveway, and when in full bloom they look so pretty.

So today’s craft project is how to make some pretty felt hydrangeas. I made mine into wall art, but you could make a cushion covered in hydrangeas, or a brooch, a hair clip or bag button.


Materials needed


  • felt- one larger piece for the background and then several different colours for the flowers
  • a pair of very sharp pointed scissors
  • needle and thread (thread can be matching or contrasting with the felt)
  • fabric marker
  • glue
  • pins (optional)
  • Hydrangea template- Hydrangea template by Red Brolly


Have you got all of your materials? Ok, let’s go.

  • Download and print your hydrangea template
  • Cut out the flowers. There are 3 different sizes to choose from.
  • Place your paper template on top of the felt. Pin into place if needed. Carefully cut around the paper template. This is where you need your sharp scissors. Cut as many felt flowers as needed. You will probably need about 30 as a minimum.


  • Get your embroidery hoop. Cover the inner ring with your background felt.
  • Place the outer ring over the top and tighten.
  • felt-hydrangea-wall-art2
  • Roughly place your felt hydrangea flowers onto the felt background to work out where you are going to stitch them. When happy, you can pin them into place, or you can just work freehand.
  • Take your needle and thread, and with 2 strands, stitch a small cross-stitch in the centre of each flower to secure into place.
  • Keep on stitching the felt flowers into place. Position the felt flowers quite close to each other. Make sure some overlap.


  • Using your preferred method, transfer the word “hydrangea” onto your background piece (you may need to take it out of the hoop to do this part and then put it back in)
  • Using 2-3 strands of thread, backstitch the word “hydrangea.” Click here if you’d like a tutorial for backstitch. I added some extra “flourishes” at the start and end of the word.

You are finished.

I might go and make another one in pinks. I think that might look quite pretty.


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