The First Christmas Sampler

Christmas Sampler 1.

Christmas Sampler 1.


This is the first of three free Christmas samplers just in time for you to stitch for Christmas.

Use them framed or put them in a quilt or cushion of your own design.  

The first Sampler has a colour chart for stitching in colour – but you can always stitch it in red only, and DMC 304  or Cosmo 241A are good reds to use, or a variegated red would work wonders.

  Also, I’ve given the instructions for making “patches” for this sampler- but you can also just trace the design onto one piece of background fabric and stitch.

There are instructions on how to stitch the sampler- and the Christmas design to trace onto your background fabric.

Fabric for the background should be slightly larger than needed, and cut to the size you like when the stitching is finished.

It’s a good idea to press light, fusible, woven interfacing to the back of the background piece before stitching.


Click to download your free PDF Christmas Sampler i- drawn design.


Click to download your free PDF Christmas-text (instructions).


The two buttons are optional. The Angel goes on top of the “t” in “Christmas” and the teddy goes next to the word “Family”.

  Both buttons can be bought from CheraBella Buttons.


Happy stitching!

           Christmas kids

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  1. Elaine says

    Thank you heaps Bronwyn. I didn’t see this the first time, because I wasn’t doing this sort of thing then. I am so glad you decided to repeat it, I love the pattern.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing your design. I have stitched up a couple of the components and while I don’t think I will be putting your sampler together as you designed it I will stitch up all the components. Too cute. My favourite as always is the snow man.
    Now I see you have a new one with Santa, I may just put that on the list too. Thank you.

  3. ans Frantzen says

    Hallo , ik ben ans en ik geniet van jullie patronen, wil ze allemaal wel maken , maar helaas (tijd en money) blijf svp.doorgaan alleen al om te kijken.
    Verder een hele mooie vakantie
    groetjes Ans

  4. Judy Davis says

    Hi Bronwyn, I have just finished your Mug bag pattern and I love it. Orders coming in for Kris Kringle.I’ve been making these bags [not the same] for a while and they also make a good teachers present for the grandkids.Love reading your blog….Judy

  5. Michelle H says

    Oh this is just so lovely!! Thank you for the pattern…I will definitely be anticipating the next two!! Thank you.

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