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Halloween Monster Truffles

  Aren't these the cutest? They were almost too cute to eat. Hairy Halloween Monster truffles....nom, nom, nom! Look at those little you think you could eat one? They look like they're just hanging out, their eyes pleading "please don't eat me!" Very cute anyway.   Hairy Halloween monster truffles are very easy to … [Read More...]

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Crafting your business | Brand Colours

A key element to building your craft business is your brands colours. How much thought have you put into the colours of your brand? Have you even thought about it? Brand colours are extremely … [Read More...]


How to embroider Stem stitch and Whipped stem stitch

  There's a few basic stitches that every hand embroiderer should have up their sleeve and stem stitch would be one of them. Stem stitch, and its variations,  are worked as a thin line and can … [Read More...]


Chocolate Toffee Apple slice

Thick, oozy layers of toffee and caramelised apple, topped with a generous layer of decadent chocolate all on a base of crisp and buttery shortbread- a delicious slice to take to tea or as an after … [Read More...]


Announcing 2 new quilt patterns!

  It's been very busy at Red Brolly as we kick into overdrive as we prepare for the Houston International Quilt Market and Festival. It's our first time exhibiting overseas and we are … [Read More...]


Teapot Pincushion

  A pretty little pincushion project. We just love pincushions, they are so quick and easy to make. They also make great gifts- this one would be great for tea lovers. Once you have the … [Read More...]


10 ideas to organise your embroidery thread

We don't know about you, but how frustrating does it get when your embroidery thread gets all tangled and knotted, you loose the colour number and they all get mixed in together? It can be very … [Read More...]


Summertime bread

There's something about making bread from scratch- it's very easy to just allow yourself to get lost in the whole process- and, nothing beats the smell of a homely kitchen filled with freshly baked … [Read More...]


How to choose the correct needle for the right job

Needles are so easy and cheap to come by these days, but, once upon a time needles were hand-made and regarded as precious and so, great care was taken to look after embroidery needles. Hand … [Read More...]


Spring chickens! caring for your chickens in spring

"Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the chickens is"....Spring is well and truly on its way, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. It's now time to pay some … [Read More...]


Homespun/Tilda Competition-the Winners Are….

  The four lucky winners are: 1. Rosemary Small 2. Nancy Jo Hinckley 3. Ellen from Holland 4. Brenda Temple   Congratulations to the four of you. I will send you … [Read More...]