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Cook’s Windowsill herb garden- Gardening in Winter

Cook's Windowsill Herb Garden Winter can be so dreary! It can definitely make gardening difficult and depending where you live, it can be a little unpleasant. Bring your herbs inside during winter by planting a windowsill garden. Many herb plants will grow quite easily in containers and require only minimal care. A kitchen herb garden can … [Read More...]

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Moist Raspberry Coconut mini cakes

Raspberry Coconut Mini Cakes with lemon glaze When I came across this recipe I knew I had to try it! I love the addition of coconut milk. So when we had a cold and blustery day winter's day I decided … [Read More...]


How to make amazing Buttercream

Top Tips for making Amazing Buttercream Have you ever turned up to a morning tea, a bake sale or a birthday party and THAT woman is there with her perfect cupcakes and her perfect buttercream … [Read More...]


Facebook post ideas for your small business

Facebook post ideas for your small sewing business. Hello, have you been following our posts on running your small business? One of the topics we've been covering is using social media and how to use … [Read More...]


Modern Kids Rooms with Bling!

Inspiring Bedrooms for Modern Kids. Gone are the days when kids rooms were like any other room in the house. The modern trend is to create kids rooms that are special, fun, bright and child … [Read More...]


Princess Rose from Lecien

Princess Rose from Lecien -new fabric -will be coming soon! Finally! We spoke and we pleaded and we begged. We all requested and asked some of us may have even demanded. We have all been very patient … [Read More...]


10 Inspirational ideas for pom poms

10 Inspirational ideas for using pom poms. Just recently we showed you a quick and simple way of making pom poms. Once you know how to make them and see how easy they are you won't be able to stop. … [Read More...]


Here Come the Elephants!

  Two New Quilts from Red Brolly!   The Little Elephant Quilt. The stunning Little Elephant Quilt is the first quilt designed by our new designer, Sanchia Gair. (You all know Sanch!) Sanchia's … [Read More...]


Homemade Strawberry pop tarts | Cooking with kids

Homemade Strawberry Pop Tarts Are you a pop tart lover? What are pop tarts? They seem to be in the cereal aisle, but are they a breakfast dish? They look more like a dessert....?? Heeeeeeelp! Please! … [Read More...]

Lovehearts Quilt

I Love Lovehearts Quilt!

Do you remember the LoveHearts Quilt made with all those gorgeous Tilda fabrics- Spring Lake and Apple Bloom (with a few older Tilda fabrics added as well)? I've finally taken some photos of the … [Read More...]


Embroidery basics showdown! Split stitch VS Split Backstitch.

Split Stitch vs Split Backstitch Debate. Embroidery basics showdown! Split stitch vs backstitch-which one do you prefer to use? Or maybe you like to use both of them in an embroidery project. Each … [Read More...]


Stop making pom poms like your Grandma! A new way to make pom poms

Stop making pom poms like your Grandma! If you are still making your pom poms by cutting out 2 donut shaped circles from cardboard and then sitting there for hours whilst you wrap your wool around … [Read More...]


Split Backstitch for Outstanding Embroidery.

  Split Backstitch. Split backstitch, do you use it? Perhaps you should give the split stitch a second thought. There are several advantages to using the split stitch as opposed to the … [Read More...]


Homemade Monte Carlo biscuit recipe

If you are in other parts of the world besides Australia you may just be wondering exactly what a "Monte Carlo biscuit" is? Are we right? Here at home, there is a particular biscuit brand that … [Read More...]

Fairy Mushroom Pincushion

Fairy Mushroom Pincushion.

Here's a simple little project that you can finish in a couple of hours. It can be hand stitched or mostly sewn on the machine. The amount of detail you'd like to add is really up to you. There's room … [Read More...]